It Came From Underground!

Budget cuts around the country are hitting cities hard. Several cities from California to Florida have had to file for bankruptcy. Most cities are struggling and have had to cut budgets. Unfortunately it is often the infrastructure of the city that suffers when these cuts are made.

The Lower East Side water main burst last month was a good example of what can happen when a city neglects in infrastructure. Not having the resources to implement an effective preventative back repair and inspection for its plumbing infrastructure and ended up with a costly and embarrassing water leak issue. The millions of dollars spent on repair and cleanup of the Lower East Side spill account for a lot more then is potentially saved by scaling back proper preventive services. Unfortunately in these tough economic times many home owners also try to scale back on many preventive services and end up suffering plumbing leaks and malfunctions.

The city and the DEP recently created a campaign to increase public awareness of the idea of backflow prevention. The Lower East Side pipe incident illustrates city plumbing is dated and has not been updated at a pace adequate to the growth of New York City. Sewage backups occur when antiquated city plumb is undated with wastewater from storms and water use. Since the system cannot handle the large volume of water it flows out of the pipes and floods peoples basements. Basement flooding is costly and hard to clean.

Home owners are not the only ones who suffer. Toxic water doesn't flow to proper treatment facilities contaminate our groundwater our waterways, and our overall environment. That is why the Department of Environmental Protection is spearheading efforts implement a plan to increase its abilities to monitor sewage levels, especially after periods of inclement weather, in order to diagnose potential problems and decrease reaction times to these potentially catastrophic issues. Unfortunately the project is likely several years from completion, so it is important that individual property owners take the necessary steps to prevent backflow issues. Having a properly installed backflow prevention device, most commonly in the form of a check valve, is not only a smart investment but also a legal requirement for most types of properties. The city is strongly incentivizing people to take sewage back flow prevention measures and prevent basement flooding as it struggles to

Leak detection services can help you whether you have a proper sewer backup system that will protect you from heft city fines and the dangers of sewage backflow. They can tell you if your leaky plumbing is putting you at heightened risk for water intrusion issues and basement flooding. The cost of water leak detection pales in comparison to the costs associated with flooding, leaking, and other forms of water intrusion.

You need to know that as a property owner you will be responsible for damage caused by the lack of a backflow prevention device or unaddressed leaks, even if the city's old plumbing is the main culprit. As a renter you should ask your landlord about sewage backup prevention and leak detection as your personal belongings are at risk of becoming damaged when a water intrusion occurs.


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