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It Came From Underground!

Budget cuts around the country are hitting cities hard. Several cities from California to Florida have had to file for bankruptcy. Most cities are struggling and have had to cut budgets. Unfortunately it is often the infrastructure of the city that suffers when these cuts are made. The Lower East Side water main burst last month was a good example of what can happen when a city neglects in infrastructure. Not having the resources to implement an effective preventative back repair and inspection for its plumbing infrastructure and ended up with a costly and embarrassing water leak issue. The millions of dollars spent on repair and cleanup of the Lower East Side spill account for a lot more then is potentially saved by scaling back proper preventive services. Unfortunately in these tough economic times many home owners also try to scale back on many preventive services and end up suffering plumbing leaks and malfunctions. The city and the DEP recently created a campaign to increase public awareness of the idea ...


How to Test Rain Water Acidity

Water pollution is one of the most significant environmental problems we have to deal with today. It has been proven conclusively that the levels of toxins in your water supply are dangerous.In general you think of industrial waste or pesticides and fertilizers that come from agriculture as the sources of water pollution. Those problems, however, are not the sole cause of the levels water contamination we have to deal with. Air pollution that comes from factory smoke, auto emissions, and other sources can get into the water that comes down as rain. That contaminated rainwater is what is people often call "acid rain."It is wise to make yourself aware of the level of rain water contamination in your area. That is possible using a standard water testing kit that can help you understand the pH level in the water. These water testing kits are easy to find at a hardware store or online. Step one in using the water testing kit is to collect fresh rainwater.Simply put some clean bowls or cans that can collect the rai...


How To Treat Acid Well Water and Stop Corrosion of Copper Pipes

For piping systems fed by water from a private well, one of the most common causes of corrosion is low pH. A low pH is water with a pH of less than 7.0 pH. Signs of acid water are corrosion of fixtures, pinhole leaks, blue staining (from copper pipes) or rust staining (from iron pipes).Common causes for acidic water are acid rainfall due to atmospheric carbon dioxide and other airborne pollutants, runoff from mining spoils, and decomposition of plant materials. Acidic waters can be high quality and are typically low in buffering calcium minerals, but are high in dissolved carbon-dioxide gas, which can cause the low pH or acidity.Treatment is accomplished by neutralizing the water with the use of an automatic calcite neutralizer. These water filter tanks are filled with a blend of calcium and magnesium carbonates made from naturally occurring minerals, which dissolve into the water, making it less corrosive. Calcite is a white granular mineral that adds calcium to the water raising the pH and increasing the...


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